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The celtics are making me angryyyy.

So the Celtics just lost. -____-; Series is now 2-2. We'll see how the game goes on Wednesday. *sigh*

Speaking of sports, have I mentioned that lacrosse is awesome? I watched the NCAA men's lacrosse championship today between Johns Hopkins and Syracuse and it was amazing. Syracuse ended up coming from behind for the win and being the first team to make it to 10 national championships. Also, the AC girls' lacrosse team had a 15-1-1 season and are the new Catholic Central League Champs! How amazing is that? Rookie team created last year, no one knew how to place lacrosse at all, and just a year later they're league champs. The first round of the tournament is tomorrow at Arlington High which means I can go watch the game! I'm so pumped! =D =D =D

So I had a minor spat with my dad about the gay thing. I don't think he has ill intentions, but I don't think he can tell when something he says is offensive to me or just flat out hypocritical. Oh, and an invitation came in the mail for my cousin's sweet sixteen, the same cousin that outted me to my parents. The invitation was addressed only to my sister. -____-; I see how it is.

Eric, the one manager at Bertucci's at I actually like, told me he'll be leaving the company in June. I'm infinitely sad. =( He's going to open up a video game store in the near future hopefully and he offered me a job there should it ever actually happen. While on the subject of work, I found out I'm not the only lesbian at Bertucci's. We hired a new host named Andraya who came out to me when I was talking to Danielle about family issues. Andraya also mentioned that her cousin Jaya, who washes dishes at Bertucci's, is also gay. =D Yayy.

Finally finished watching Ouran High School Host Club. Now to finish Revolutionary Girl Utena and Black Cat.

There's definitely more, but I'm kind of tired of typing.
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