Calypso (dea_exmachina) wrote,

DADT protest~ and emotional stress

So April 24rth, a member of Spectrum planned a protest of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy of the military in which my roommate and I decided to participate. Basically, we got six people to wear camouflage pants and combat boots with a solid color shirt (one of six colors of the rainbow. I was green and Sandri was purple) and stand very soldier-like in Marsh Plaza. We stood according to our shirt colors (to create a rainbow), and had duct tape on our mouths that said "Don't Ask Don't Tell". Three hours of not being able to move really blows, but I really think we got people's attention with it. Every day those soldiers are out there putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom, yet they don't even have theirs. But anyway, we got a lot of people that stopped and said stuff like "Good work guys!" or "Keep it up! What you're doing for everyone is awesome!" but we also got a few people who crossed the street to get away from us as soon as they figured out what the protest was for. Honestly, Boston is pretty fucking liberal. I couldn't believe there was still so much intolerance. Anyway.

So I just found out that my little cousins told my uncle about some pretty gay things they saw on my facebook profile and my uncle told my mother and my mother has been pestering my sister to see my facebook. I'm so pissed and upset and scared all rolled into one right now. What right do my cousins have of outing me? What kind of crazy mother do I have that she's trying to force my sister to show her my facebook? I really don't need to be worrying about confrontations with my family with finals next week. I'm so tired of this. Even if they don't say anything to me, I know they're going to be suspicious of my actions, where I go, who I'm with, and it's going to be like living in a prison. I don't want that, that isn't fair to me. I don't have the emotional energy to deal with this right now, as I have a calculus exam tomorrow.
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