Calypso (dea_exmachina) wrote,

Pst Ani, your head looks like a pot shrub.

Fun fun~

I got my hair cut Tuesday and I love it! I went to Lindt afterwards to visit Laurie and Evelyn and I guess Evelyn's pregnant! I'm so happy for her~

The National Latin exam was today. I got all dressed up in my toga and stuffs. I tried to find a decent laurel but I ended up with one that looked like pot leaves so all say people were like "Hah Ani's a pothead!" or "Ani your head looks like a pot shrub" which was funny like the first three times. Katie and I made these signs that said "Sappho" and "I'm with Sappho". A lot of people found it funny so that's good. Dana's first reaction was "Ani, eww, you know Sappho was a lesbian right?". Um, yeah I realize that. Hence the sign joke. Whatever. The test was pretty easy. I was hoping for a perfect score but I got 1 wrong. =( Poop. A lot of people had wicked good togas. The free pizza was definitely a plus. Hehe.

The dancers, principals, band, and chorus of Grease apparently can't coordinate very well with one another yet. =( Poor steve probably has wicked high blood pressure now lol.
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