Calypso (dea_exmachina) wrote,

Pst Ani, your head looks like a pot shrub.

Fun fun~

I got my hair cut Tuesday and I love it! I went to Lindt afterwards to visit Laurie and Evelyn and I guess Evelyn's pregnant! I'm so happy for her~

The National Latin exam was today. I got all dressed up in my toga and stuffs. I tried to find a decent laurel but I ended up with one that looked like pot leaves so all say people were like "Hah Ani's a pothead!" or "Ani your head looks like a pot shrub" which was funny like the first three times. Katie and I made these signs that said "Sappho" and "I'm with Sappho". A lot of people found it funny so that's good. Dana's first reaction was "Ani, eww, you know Sappho was a lesbian right?". Um, yeah I realize that. Hence the sign joke. Whatever. The test was pretty easy. I was hoping for a perfect score but I got 1 wrong. =( Poop. A lot of people had wicked good togas. The free pizza was definitely a plus. Hehe.

The dancers, principals, band, and chorus of Grease apparently can't coordinate very well with one another yet. =( Poor steve probably has wicked high blood pressure now lol.
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Dana is such a tool. I can't stand her.
once, this summer when i went to that volunteer thing, our site manager guy snuck into our barn and took this kid's cot and pushed it next to the team leader's bed and made like a fake person with the kids clothes and (this has a point) used a pot for a head so we were all like "haha, a pothead!"

sorry, memory trigger
hey anii

i was in chem.. and rebecca corso and alex valenti were talking about steve and how he was saying how everyone was being disruptive and he was like wicked mad or something...yeeah. like at the band... and maybe chorus.. he was probs in a bad mood.

you looked super cool yesterday with your toga and such.. i passed by the library going back to class after lunch.. and everyone looked like they were having fun. man, i was jealous.