Calypso (dea_exmachina) wrote,


So today has been a relatively good day for a Monday.

My sister and I finally got my parents to let us go to Anime Boston! We can only go Saturday, but still! Way better than nothing. I just need to have someone register me 'cause I don't have Paypal. *kicks registration committee*

TATA IS COMING TO BOSTON! MY PARENTS GOT TICKETS~!!!! *does giant happy dance* It's on May 5th this year! True that's cutting pretty close to the AP exam for my liking, but meh. I GET TO SEE TATA. (He's my favorite Armenian singer FYI lol)

I was supposed to have 2 tests today but both of my teachers moved them to later this week which is good because I can prepare for them better. My chem test was moved to Thursday which means I have to miss it for National Latin exam and that makes me happy~! <3

*prances off to do homework*
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