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Seriously, why the hell do I end up with all the irresponsible teachers?! It isn't bad enough I have fucking Demott losing all my homework and messing up my test grades now Mr. Genova has to start too? I got a deficiency for History today because he claims I'm missing a test. I'm almost 100% sure we've only had 3 tests so far and I've taken them all because I remember my grades : 76, 86, 84 in that order. But he's missing the test I got an 84 on. This could easily be resolved by my showing him the test right? But oh wait! Ani's history notebook got stolen on wednesday and where does she keep her tests? In her history notebook. So now how the hell am I supposed to prove that I took the god damn test when I can't show it to him?! Even he's not easy going enough for me to waltz into his room monday morning and say "Hey Mr. Genova your deficiency is incorrect for I have taken 3 exams! I remember getting an 84 so change my grade and take back the deficiency kthnxbye."


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