Calypso (dea_exmachina) wrote,

The buildings are changing into coconut trees...little by little

School is stressful. Or maybe that's only because I'm trying really hard to actually be 100% on top of my work, and for the most part I am. There's a few things I read that I meant to highlight and take notes on, but didn't necessarily have the time at that moment, and there's one article that I was supposed to have read for today but was really beat last night. But soooo much work otherwise. God, it'll be a miracle if I ever find the free time to go to the gym and start working on my cosplay. I'm SOOO glad I decided not to overload this semester.

In other news, the girl that I was supposed to get coffee with this semester? I texted her about it and she completely ignored me. Hooray. Looks like I was right about her just using finals as an excuse to blow me off.

Started my diet again last week! Doing really well so far. Once I started eating like a normal person again and not binge eating because of the holidays and my feelings about my grandpa, I've dropped 10lbs in about 2 weeks. I'm excited to be able to fit *comfortably* into all of my clothes again soon.

My women's weight training class is going well thusfar! Haven't learned anything that I didn't really know yet, but with time I'm sure I will. Plus, at least this way I can *force* myself to go to the gym because it would look really stupid if I failed a gym class.

Anyway, I'm off to my weight training class now.
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