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Ich will nur etwas.. Ich will nur etwas ich kann haben nie.
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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
12:17 am
Who the hell am I supposed to trust if I can't even trust my closest friends? I've recently experienced such betrayal of my trust from one of my closest friends that my world honestly doesn't even make sense to me anymore. Words cannot accurately express how hurt I am by her actions.
Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
8:57 am
The buildings are changing into coconut trees...little by little
School is stressful. Or maybe that's only because I'm trying really hard to actually be 100% on top of my work, and for the most part I am. There's a few things I read that I meant to highlight and take notes on, but didn't necessarily have the time at that moment, and there's one article that I was supposed to have read for today but was really beat last night. But soooo much work otherwise. God, it'll be a miracle if I ever find the free time to go to the gym and start working on my cosplay. I'm SOOO glad I decided not to overload this semester.

In other news, the girl that I was supposed to get coffee with this semester? I texted her about it and she completely ignored me. Hooray. Looks like I was right about her just using finals as an excuse to blow me off.

Started my diet again last week! Doing really well so far. Once I started eating like a normal person again and not binge eating because of the holidays and my feelings about my grandpa, I've dropped 10lbs in about 2 weeks. I'm excited to be able to fit *comfortably* into all of my clothes again soon.

My women's weight training class is going well thusfar! Haven't learned anything that I didn't really know yet, but with time I'm sure I will. Plus, at least this way I can *force* myself to go to the gym because it would look really stupid if I failed a gym class.

Anyway, I'm off to my weight training class now.
Saturday, November 13th, 2010
2:48 am
With the exception of a 20 minute power nap, I haven't slept in 2 days, and it looks like I won't get to sleep tonight either. Core is winding down, which means I have time for nothing.

Yayy my life.
Sunday, November 7th, 2010
4:15 pm
happy birthday to me...?
It's my birthday. Also one of the shittier birthdays I've had. I'd go into great detail but the gist of it is that I greatly dislike my team and this semester is so stressful that it's making me really depressed.

On the bright side...I got my lip pierced a few weeks ago after years of talking about it. XD
Monday, May 26th, 2008
11:39 pm
The celtics are making me angryyyy.
So the Celtics just lost. -____-; Series is now 2-2. We'll see how the game goes on Wednesday. *sigh*

Speaking of sports, have I mentioned that lacrosse is awesome? I watched the NCAA men's lacrosse championship today between Johns Hopkins and Syracuse and it was amazing. Syracuse ended up coming from behind for the win and being the first team to make it to 10 national championships. Also, the AC girls' lacrosse team had a 15-1-1 season and are the new Catholic Central League Champs! How amazing is that? Rookie team created last year, no one knew how to place lacrosse at all, and just a year later they're league champs. The first round of the tournament is tomorrow at Arlington High which means I can go watch the game! I'm so pumped! =D =D =D

So I had a minor spat with my dad about the gay thing. I don't think he has ill intentions, but I don't think he can tell when something he says is offensive to me or just flat out hypocritical. Oh, and an invitation came in the mail for my cousin's sweet sixteen, the same cousin that outted me to my parents. The invitation was addressed only to my sister. -____-; I see how it is.

Eric, the one manager at Bertucci's at I actually like, told me he'll be leaving the company in June. I'm infinitely sad. =( He's going to open up a video game store in the near future hopefully and he offered me a job there should it ever actually happen. While on the subject of work, I found out I'm not the only lesbian at Bertucci's. We hired a new host named Andraya who came out to me when I was talking to Danielle about family issues. Andraya also mentioned that her cousin Jaya, who washes dishes at Bertucci's, is also gay. =D Yayy.

Finally finished watching Ouran High School Host Club. Now to finish Revolutionary Girl Utena and Black Cat.

There's definitely more, but I'm kind of tired of typing.
Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
12:30 pm
...and Ani's world comes crashing down.
So I've been outted. My parents now know that I'm a lesbian. There's no denial and skirting around touchy subjects or lying anymore. I honestly don't think I've cried this much in my whole life combined. I have no idea what's going on. Should I go home? Do I even have a home to go to? I should be writing a paper right now but I honestly can't deal with writing in this emotional state. Or with finals. Or anything really. Fucking parents.
Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
4:25 pm
DADT protest~ and emotional stress
So April 24rth, a member of Spectrum planned a protest of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy of the military in which my roommate and I decided to participate. Basically, we got six people to wear camouflage pants and combat boots with a solid color shirt (one of six colors of the rainbow. I was green and Sandri was purple) and stand very soldier-like in Marsh Plaza. We stood according to our shirt colors (to create a rainbow), and had duct tape on our mouths that said "Don't Ask Don't Tell". Three hours of not being able to move really blows, but I really think we got people's attention with it. Every day those soldiers are out there putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom, yet they don't even have theirs. But anyway, we got a lot of people that stopped and said stuff like "Good work guys!" or "Keep it up! What you're doing for everyone is awesome!" but we also got a few people who crossed the street to get away from us as soon as they figured out what the protest was for. Honestly, Boston is pretty fucking liberal. I couldn't believe there was still so much intolerance. Anyway.

So I just found out that my little cousins told my uncle about some pretty gay things they saw on my facebook profile and my uncle told my mother and my mother has been pestering my sister to see my facebook. I'm so pissed and upset and scared all rolled into one right now. What right do my cousins have of outing me? What kind of crazy mother do I have that she's trying to force my sister to show her my facebook? I really don't need to be worrying about confrontations with my family with finals next week. I'm so tired of this. Even if they don't say anything to me, I know they're going to be suspicious of my actions, where I go, who I'm with, and it's going to be like living in a prison. I don't want that, that isn't fair to me. I don't have the emotional energy to deal with this right now, as I have a calculus exam tomorrow.
Saturday, July 8th, 2006
2:01 am
Is that even human?!
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Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
10:19 pm
I'm saving myself the trouble of a big long rant for an entry.

Suffice to say I hate Mr. Genova with a flaming passion and want to shoot him in the face for ruining my weekend. I'm also quite upset that I don't have any classes with Sue next year.

But on the bright side, I got my schedule and I have a lot of classes with my friends~

Mod 1 voice and vision
Mod 2 honors english
mod 3 honors spanish 4
mod 4 study
mod 5 physics
mod 6 honors precal
mod 7 AP psych
Friday, May 12th, 2006
8:36 pm
Okay so I had like a million tests to make up for this week and only made up 1 so far. But hey, it's the weekend!

I feel like baking.

And I'm totally chilling with Marina tomorrow!!! I need to buy a camera or something to take pictures.
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
2:19 pm
Ah! I just feel like screaming and beating the shit out of something and crying all at the same time! ><;;; I fucking hate how everyone in my family keeps putting me down and saying I'm worthless and then getting mad at me when I'm all moody around them. NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Obviously I'm not going to burst into freakin song and dance when all I hear from my grandparents and parents is "Ani you need to help your mother more around the house. What kind of woman are you going to become if you can't cook and clean and sew? Stop being lazy!" or "Aww look at your sister's report card, straight A's! I laugh at your second honors Ani. You'll never get into a good college. Bunker Hill community college here we come." I'm sick of it. I have no self esteem as it is I don't need them making it worse. I tried to spend Saturday studying for AP but no one seems to understand the "studying" concept. Music blaring, TV on excruciatingly high, my sister running around trying to talk to me, people coming over. Guess what Ani accomplished yesterday? Close to fucking nothing. And do you know what happened today? I woke up at 8 so my father and I could go driving. It was actually pretty fun. On the home way he was all "Hey let's go to grandma's for coffee" and I said fine thinking it was only a half hour deal. No. I find out he and my uncle have started this giant project of cleaning my grandmother's garage. I kept saying I need to get home to studying, but nope, we can't leave until the garage is clean, of course not! 5 fucking hours. 5 hours I could have been studying. Come wednesday for the AP test, I'm going to fail and when I get the results in the mail my parents are going to flip out and get mad at me but you know what I DON'T CARE. So I'm just going to sit in front of chemistry book and pretend I fucking understand any of it. Don't expect to see me in school tomorrow or tuesday. Don't bother calling or IMing me either because I'm in absolutely no mood to be talking to anyone for the next couple hours at least.
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
10:31 pm
I <3 Grease Chorus x a bazillion
Oh. My. Fucking. God. This weekend kicks so much ass I want to do Grease for like the rest of the year. Chorus is so awesome. I want to have babies with all 12 members of chorus. The freshman are way cool and wicked cute! Katie and Erin are my biffles and Becca's my love.~ Phwee. I'm way too excited to go to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow ahhh!
Thursday, March 30th, 2006
6:23 pm
Seems like this was a shitty week for like...everyone.
Friday, March 17th, 2006
10:18 pm
Pst Ani, your head looks like a pot shrub.
Fun fun~

I got my hair cut Tuesday and I love it! I went to Lindt afterwards to visit Laurie and Evelyn and I guess Evelyn's pregnant! I'm so happy for her~

The National Latin exam was today. I got all dressed up in my toga and stuffs. I tried to find a decent laurel but I ended up with one that looked like pot leaves so all say people were like "Hah Ani's a pothead!" or "Ani your head looks like a pot shrub" which was funny like the first three times. Katie and I made these signs that said "Sappho" and "I'm with Sappho". A lot of people found it funny so that's good. Dana's first reaction was "Ani, eww, you know Sappho was a lesbian right?". Um, yeah I realize that. Hence the sign joke. Whatever. The test was pretty easy. I was hoping for a perfect score but I got 1 wrong. =( Poop. A lot of people had wicked good togas. The free pizza was definitely a plus. Hehe.

The dancers, principals, band, and chorus of Grease apparently can't coordinate very well with one another yet. =( Poor steve probably has wicked high blood pressure now lol.
Monday, March 13th, 2006
7:17 pm
So today has been a relatively good day for a Monday.

My sister and I finally got my parents to let us go to Anime Boston! We can only go Saturday, but still! Way better than nothing. I just need to have someone register me 'cause I don't have Paypal. *kicks registration committee*

TATA IS COMING TO BOSTON! MY PARENTS GOT TICKETS~!!!! *does giant happy dance* It's on May 5th this year! True that's cutting pretty close to the AP exam for my liking, but meh. I GET TO SEE TATA. (He's my favorite Armenian singer FYI lol)

I was supposed to have 2 tests today but both of my teachers moved them to later this week which is good because I can prepare for them better. My chem test was moved to Thursday which means I have to miss it for National Latin exam and that makes me happy~! <3

*prances off to do homework*
Friday, March 3rd, 2006
3:40 pm
Seriously, why the hell do I end up with all the irresponsible teachers?! It isn't bad enough I have fucking Demott losing all my homework and messing up my test grades now Mr. Genova has to start too? I got a deficiency for History today because he claims I'm missing a test. I'm almost 100% sure we've only had 3 tests so far and I've taken them all because I remember my grades : 76, 86, 84 in that order. But he's missing the test I got an 84 on. This could easily be resolved by my showing him the test right? But oh wait! Ani's history notebook got stolen on wednesday and where does she keep her tests? In her history notebook. So now how the hell am I supposed to prove that I took the god damn test when I can't show it to him?! Even he's not easy going enough for me to waltz into his room monday morning and say "Hey Mr. Genova your deficiency is incorrect for I have taken 3 exams! I remember getting an 84 so change my grade and take back the deficiency kthnxbye."



Current Mood: angry
Monday, February 27th, 2006
2:19 am
Oh my god. I'd heard so many good things about the L Word and I finally got a chance to watch it this weekend. I'm freakin' addicted. I've only seen season 3 so far but wow. <3<3<3

My uncle's coming home from the hospital tomorrow!
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
1:17 pm
Friday was pretty cool. Emily and Izzy came over and we ordered chinese food, played DDR, baked, and watched Disney movies.

Saturday, madre decided to have family over for dinner. Hyke came over and played bass for most of the night and watched an armenian movie.

Sunday Hyke invited me to hear his band practice. They were pretty fucking awesome. I'd totally be crushing on the bassist if he weren't wicked racist and, you know, a guy. After the practice we went to my Uncle Kevork's house to wish the family off before their Puerto Rican vacation. Was pretty cool. We ate Chinese food together and played DDR. They're pretty good for only having just started!

Monday was the day before my uncle steve's surgery so we all went to out for pizza at Prince. I kinda miss family outings like that. The owner guy totally loves us because we've been going there for 25+ years (obviously not me, but the family) so he gave us free beer (to the adults lol) and everyone got free ice cream afterwards. Plus, we got the entire back room to ourselves with a huge TV so we could watch the women's hockey Canada vs Sweden game. Alina and I went to the mall after that and I bought season 7 of Buffy for $35! Very excited except season 7 was one of my least favorites heh. I think that was the night I talked to Marina and Rose on the phone until 4 in the morning. LOL good times.

Tuesday and wednesday have been kind of a blur because of the surgery but my uncle is doing okay! He woke up yesterday and was talking a bit. I'm going back again today.
Monday, February 13th, 2006
10:57 pm
School cancellation? I think so. =D w00t.
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
8:05 pm
Sick and dying. Fun times. Going back to bed now.
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